Monday, 31 August 2015


Have you ever thought of why we all work hard or why people undergo difficulties to earn their livelihood?  I also asked this questions several times and reached the conclusion that we all work for the same reason; to fulfill our needs especially hunger. Indeed there may be many other reasons.  How rich or how poor you are doesn’t matter, we all have almost the same quantity of food. And that is the basic need for all. “The universe has the resources to satisfy our needs not our greed”.  Some are rich; who enjoys or own majority of the resources and some are poor who does not own much resource. The former enjoy everything and the latter only have limited resources.

However they have a major similarity, which is a natural one. Some may earn lakes of rupees and others may have hundreds or a few thousand of rupees per month. But in one thing they are all equal, the amount of food they consume – they all have almost same amount of food; but the quality and variety may vary. Do you think that rich can consume more and poor only could have little? No it is impossible. All are equal in front of food.
 Even though we are not self sufficient in food production, we are lucky enough to manage our needs to a certain extent. But it is sad to say that we mismanage our resources and destroy a good amount of resources. In India, government spoil huge amount of food grains every year and not any appropriate steps been taken to stop this heinous practice. On the other side number of our fellow brethren are struggling and dying of hunger and poverty. By knowing this fact we may curse the officials for this inhuman act.  But at the same time we should think about the resources that we - the individuals waste, especially food materials every day. No explanation can be strong enough to support this inhuman act.

Plenty of food material is being wasted by individuals by improper use and they are not bothered of this act. Nowadays we could see in hotels, parties and public functions people waste food materials without any hesitation. It is not different in the case of homely food wastage which, also need to be self evaluated. I hope that you also hold the same view that should be avoided at any cost and hereafter do as possible as you could. Let me suggest a few possible steps to manage our resources properly.
1.    Prepare or order food according to the need, the money may be yours but the resources belong to the society.

2.    Recognise and identify wasting food is a bad habit and think seriously about changing this.
3.    Decide never waste food or other resources.
4.    Keep a measure – ask the elders or experienced ones, how much food should prepare for such number of persons.
5.    Manage the leftover properly instead of throw it away
6.    If possible produce at least certain amount of vegetables at home.

As individuals it is our responsibility, not to waste any resources especially food. It is neither easy as we think nor difficult but your decision matters. Let us not waste our food because thousands of our fellow brethren  are not fortunate to have a full stomach meals every day.

Saturday, 22 August 2015


Very often I think, how lucky are we to  live in this span of time, for we are privileged to enjoy the modern amenities, which the previous generations couldn’t even imagine. Hail to the achievements of modern science and scientists for their toil and achievements to run the world faster and safe. I don’t have the words to express the faster development in the field of construction. But who can deny the fact that the other side of the moon is darker than we are aware or we think. If you have the money with you, it is very easy to build a new house or building, many folds faster than in the past. One could even complete it within days. Here I would like to discuss about the ecological threat which cause as part of construction rather its   achievements. Don’t you think it is ‘destruction’ rather ‘construction’?

By seeing the demolition activities taken place in most construction sites I felt that what we all want is that, this earth to be a flat area like a platter. We don’t want hills and valleys; we also don’t want water resources and trees.  The consumption or destruction of the resources today is shocking; we want to evaluate everything on the basis of money. We cut down our trees for money, we transform our paddy fields for money, we destruct our hill for money and we destruct everything for money.  What we want today is just huge concrete buildings, nothing else.

Most important ecological threat we all are not bothered; are something else and most people doing it with their houses to smoothen their paths. Today people wanted to tile surroundings of their houses and even the plot. They don’t want weeds or grass to be grown in their plot or the dry leaves to fall in the courtyard, to avoid it; they cut down the adjacent trees. They tile all the places to soften their ways.  Such constructions threaten our nature. It will affect the climatic conditions and the after effect is long lasting. We should accept it as a major cause for our present climatic change. Because it won’t allow the rain water to penetrate to the earth and it just flow away.  How the rain water penetrate to the earth if we hinder the earth’s surface. So don’t you think that we should avoid doing such imprudent activities? I feel that we should promote Eco friendliness as a constant practice. The following are some helpful instructions.

1.      Love our mother earth.
2.      If possible construct only Eco friendly homes.
3.      Don’t do any harm to our Eco system.
4.      If possible don’t tile the surroundings of homes.
5.      If you tile the courtyard use only Eco friendly tiles and do it in an Eco friendly manner.

As responsible human beings it is our responsibility to respond any sort of inhuman ecological activates. The roles of Social workers are very much significant not only to educate the public and even the policy makers, but also to involve in appropriate actions. We all know that we have sufficient rules, but with the involvement of corrupted politicians people act as if there are no such rules exists.  How sad it is. But stop blame the fate. It is the high time to rethink.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Today parenting is a challenging duty. Both the parents are preoccupied with job and other responsibilities and not able to spent sufficient time to look after their young ones. As a result the parent children relationship has lost its warmth and become more mechanical. Both parents and children forget their responsibility or not able to fulfil it properly. Most of the parents are compelled to obey their children, rather kids obey their parents; like the previous generations.
The new generation parents are ready to provide most modern facilities including mobile phones to their children without thinking about the after effect of it. Sometimes they can’t resist their wards demand for such gadgets. The problem arise far before that, because they have been provided all the needs of their kids and all on a sudden they are not in a position to deny the demand of their child or the child ,has not come across a situation which his/her  demand was denied. Indeed I don’t judge the intention of the parents. They may have their own justifications. I personally came across the comments by many parents, that they came across plenty of troubles in their childhood and their parents were not able to fulfil many of their wishes. So today’s parents doesn’t want to see their kids in such situation . But unfortunately they ignore the fact that such situations made them strong and enabled them to face their challenges and helped them to reach the heights.
However today’s parents don’t want their kids to face such situations. Despite of poverty they provide all the resources to their kids to prove that they are right. But the time proved that such decisions were not prudent. Number of suicides and suicidal attempts by children were not for any serious reasons. They did it for silly matters such as not allowed them to watch television, not purchased the article of their choice and so on. They were not formed, how to face ‘no’ in their life. When they face ‘no’, they may become upset and even decide to finish off their life.
The last generation was lucky enough to get lessons to face the life battle – from family and school. They were satisfied with one or two pairs of dress, the available food and were willing to walk any distance to pursue their studies and ready to overcome any difficulties of their life. Please don’t misinterpret my point. I am not criticising the development or appreciating their difficulties but the attitude of people matters. Most of today’s parents hesitate to say no to their children and when they become strong enough, to deny the unnecessary demand of their children,that will create a strong generation again.  I would suggest some tips for good parenting which may be difficult but practical and useful.
1.       Let the children know and experience the original situation – especially the difficulties and lack of resources of the family.
2.     Be a wise parent; be courageous to say no to the unnecessary demand of the children that will mold a strong psyche to kids.
3.     It is good to tell the financial situation of the family to the children so they would be able to understand it properly.
4.    Don’t encourage any kinds of unnecessary demands of children.
5.     Give them opportunity to take decisions; it may enable them to be independent.
6.    Don’t hesitate to punish children.
7.     Use carrot and stick policy, which is a policy of offering a combination of rewards and punishment.
8.     Be a good friend and guide to the kids moreover be a good role model.

To form a good generation we need good parents and good teachers. Henceforth our society should concentrate to form good parents and good teachers because they are the most influential people for a child.

Sunday, 9 August 2015


Every religion started with a noble cause and it never intends to hurt any minute creature in this universe.  Instead each and every religion teaches its followers to love each other and help each other. No religion teaches to kill or hate anybody rather it meant to use for spiritual nourishment. All religions gave birth to myriads of saints. India is well known for its unity of various religions for centuries.
 But today, it is sad to tell that a disharmony broke that unity. What happened to our people? Religion has become more sensitive. Today people kill each other in the name of religion. People fight each other with in the religion and with other religions. This phenomenon can be seen anywhere in the world.
Religious tolerance has become the thing of past. I remember during my school days my teachers taught us to love ones own religion and respect the religious beliefs of others. But nowadays the hate towards other religion is considered as love for one’s own religion.  Religion has become more venomous than any poison, dangerous than any deadly weapon.  How educated you are, no matter when it comes in the discussion of religion. You may try to defend your religion or find out the weak point of other religion. It has become very common in our society. People from every walk of life involve in it, irrespective of age and education. Couple of years back it was not the situation.
 We can see a number of provoking contents and comments in social media. Majority of such was the creation of some of the political parties. They simply use the religion for their political gain. Knowingly or unknowingly people even good at heart tempted to talk or share provoking materials in the social media to ‘support’, ‘defend’ or ‘promote’ their religion. Slowly it may become a habit.  Poor people are unaware the fact that they are destroying our religious and cultural heritage. It is the time to think again beyond religion; otherwise we will be responsible to create a dangerous “next generation”.
Yes we are in a dilemma!  How can we come out of it? Yes it is possible. I here suggest some solutions – indeed we should love and respect our religion more over aware the basic teachings and intentions of all religions.
1.      Decide never hurt anyone’s religious feelings by thoughts, words or deeds.
2.      Respect every religions and don’t talk ill about any religions.
3.      First be a good human, then a good believer.
4.      Be wise enough that don’t be mere instrument to anyone by acting over religious.
5.      Never promote any type of provoking literature or material.
6.      When you see such articles beware of the contents before you act further.
7.      Think twice before you share or like such sensitive contents.
8.      Beware when comment on such writings

Every religion is for the spiritual growth and meant to enable the individuals to be good- good at heart and head, thoughts and deeds. Humanity is supposed to be the essence of all religion.