Sunday, 9 August 2015


Every religion started with a noble cause and it never intends to hurt any minute creature in this universe.  Instead each and every religion teaches its followers to love each other and help each other. No religion teaches to kill or hate anybody rather it meant to use for spiritual nourishment. All religions gave birth to myriads of saints. India is well known for its unity of various religions for centuries.
 But today, it is sad to tell that a disharmony broke that unity. What happened to our people? Religion has become more sensitive. Today people kill each other in the name of religion. People fight each other with in the religion and with other religions. This phenomenon can be seen anywhere in the world.
Religious tolerance has become the thing of past. I remember during my school days my teachers taught us to love ones own religion and respect the religious beliefs of others. But nowadays the hate towards other religion is considered as love for one’s own religion.  Religion has become more venomous than any poison, dangerous than any deadly weapon.  How educated you are, no matter when it comes in the discussion of religion. You may try to defend your religion or find out the weak point of other religion. It has become very common in our society. People from every walk of life involve in it, irrespective of age and education. Couple of years back it was not the situation.
 We can see a number of provoking contents and comments in social media. Majority of such was the creation of some of the political parties. They simply use the religion for their political gain. Knowingly or unknowingly people even good at heart tempted to talk or share provoking materials in the social media to ‘support’, ‘defend’ or ‘promote’ their religion. Slowly it may become a habit.  Poor people are unaware the fact that they are destroying our religious and cultural heritage. It is the time to think again beyond religion; otherwise we will be responsible to create a dangerous “next generation”.
Yes we are in a dilemma!  How can we come out of it? Yes it is possible. I here suggest some solutions – indeed we should love and respect our religion more over aware the basic teachings and intentions of all religions.
1.      Decide never hurt anyone’s religious feelings by thoughts, words or deeds.
2.      Respect every religions and don’t talk ill about any religions.
3.      First be a good human, then a good believer.
4.      Be wise enough that don’t be mere instrument to anyone by acting over religious.
5.      Never promote any type of provoking literature or material.
6.      When you see such articles beware of the contents before you act further.
7.      Think twice before you share or like such sensitive contents.
8.      Beware when comment on such writings

Every religion is for the spiritual growth and meant to enable the individuals to be good- good at heart and head, thoughts and deeds. Humanity is supposed to be the essence of all religion. 

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