Saturday, 22 August 2015


Very often I think, how lucky are we to  live in this span of time, for we are privileged to enjoy the modern amenities, which the previous generations couldn’t even imagine. Hail to the achievements of modern science and scientists for their toil and achievements to run the world faster and safe. I don’t have the words to express the faster development in the field of construction. But who can deny the fact that the other side of the moon is darker than we are aware or we think. If you have the money with you, it is very easy to build a new house or building, many folds faster than in the past. One could even complete it within days. Here I would like to discuss about the ecological threat which cause as part of construction rather its   achievements. Don’t you think it is ‘destruction’ rather ‘construction’?

By seeing the demolition activities taken place in most construction sites I felt that what we all want is that, this earth to be a flat area like a platter. We don’t want hills and valleys; we also don’t want water resources and trees.  The consumption or destruction of the resources today is shocking; we want to evaluate everything on the basis of money. We cut down our trees for money, we transform our paddy fields for money, we destruct our hill for money and we destruct everything for money.  What we want today is just huge concrete buildings, nothing else.

Most important ecological threat we all are not bothered; are something else and most people doing it with their houses to smoothen their paths. Today people wanted to tile surroundings of their houses and even the plot. They don’t want weeds or grass to be grown in their plot or the dry leaves to fall in the courtyard, to avoid it; they cut down the adjacent trees. They tile all the places to soften their ways.  Such constructions threaten our nature. It will affect the climatic conditions and the after effect is long lasting. We should accept it as a major cause for our present climatic change. Because it won’t allow the rain water to penetrate to the earth and it just flow away.  How the rain water penetrate to the earth if we hinder the earth’s surface. So don’t you think that we should avoid doing such imprudent activities? I feel that we should promote Eco friendliness as a constant practice. The following are some helpful instructions.

1.      Love our mother earth.
2.      If possible construct only Eco friendly homes.
3.      Don’t do any harm to our Eco system.
4.      If possible don’t tile the surroundings of homes.
5.      If you tile the courtyard use only Eco friendly tiles and do it in an Eco friendly manner.

As responsible human beings it is our responsibility to respond any sort of inhuman ecological activates. The roles of Social workers are very much significant not only to educate the public and even the policy makers, but also to involve in appropriate actions. We all know that we have sufficient rules, but with the involvement of corrupted politicians people act as if there are no such rules exists.  How sad it is. But stop blame the fate. It is the high time to rethink.

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