Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Today parenting is a challenging duty. Both the parents are preoccupied with job and other responsibilities and not able to spent sufficient time to look after their young ones. As a result the parent children relationship has lost its warmth and become more mechanical. Both parents and children forget their responsibility or not able to fulfil it properly. Most of the parents are compelled to obey their children, rather kids obey their parents; like the previous generations.
The new generation parents are ready to provide most modern facilities including mobile phones to their children without thinking about the after effect of it. Sometimes they can’t resist their wards demand for such gadgets. The problem arise far before that, because they have been provided all the needs of their kids and all on a sudden they are not in a position to deny the demand of their child or the child ,has not come across a situation which his/her  demand was denied. Indeed I don’t judge the intention of the parents. They may have their own justifications. I personally came across the comments by many parents, that they came across plenty of troubles in their childhood and their parents were not able to fulfil many of their wishes. So today’s parents doesn’t want to see their kids in such situation . But unfortunately they ignore the fact that such situations made them strong and enabled them to face their challenges and helped them to reach the heights.
However today’s parents don’t want their kids to face such situations. Despite of poverty they provide all the resources to their kids to prove that they are right. But the time proved that such decisions were not prudent. Number of suicides and suicidal attempts by children were not for any serious reasons. They did it for silly matters such as not allowed them to watch television, not purchased the article of their choice and so on. They were not formed, how to face ‘no’ in their life. When they face ‘no’, they may become upset and even decide to finish off their life.
The last generation was lucky enough to get lessons to face the life battle – from family and school. They were satisfied with one or two pairs of dress, the available food and were willing to walk any distance to pursue their studies and ready to overcome any difficulties of their life. Please don’t misinterpret my point. I am not criticising the development or appreciating their difficulties but the attitude of people matters. Most of today’s parents hesitate to say no to their children and when they become strong enough, to deny the unnecessary demand of their children,that will create a strong generation again.  I would suggest some tips for good parenting which may be difficult but practical and useful.
1.       Let the children know and experience the original situation – especially the difficulties and lack of resources of the family.
2.     Be a wise parent; be courageous to say no to the unnecessary demand of the children that will mold a strong psyche to kids.
3.     It is good to tell the financial situation of the family to the children so they would be able to understand it properly.
4.    Don’t encourage any kinds of unnecessary demands of children.
5.     Give them opportunity to take decisions; it may enable them to be independent.
6.    Don’t hesitate to punish children.
7.     Use carrot and stick policy, which is a policy of offering a combination of rewards and punishment.
8.     Be a good friend and guide to the kids moreover be a good role model.

To form a good generation we need good parents and good teachers. Henceforth our society should concentrate to form good parents and good teachers because they are the most influential people for a child.